A De-Addiction drive fits this definition. Drives often provide momentum for a centre’s success, and can place drug abusers on a path towards …

 Addiction is a term defined a chronic relapsing disorder for people abusing substances like Smoking, alcohol, rave drugs, medical drugs. It is a tendency to make one feel euphoric ( well being) , there are several drugs which are available in the market which are used for abuse. Several routes of drug transmission – Drinking, smoking, injecting, pills. However the nature of the drug and its toxicity will be responsible for the morbidity or lethality of the person. What happens to a drug abuser ? The main complication of drug abusers is overdose and intoxication producing lethality, and behavioral problems both domestic and social leading to legal issues and family disruption. How does he become a Drug abuser ? There are several factors which are responsible for a person to become an drug addict, and psychiatrists now believe that it is mainly due to the congenital behavioral problem which leads to negative peer group and initializing the intake of drugs. In India, Alcohol addiction is common, and de addiction has been very successful than abuse of other substances.

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