Hallervorden Spatz disease (HSD) is a rare inherited neurological disorder characterized by progressive extra pyramidal dysfunction and dementia (Loss of memory). It is a serious condition that worsens over time. Hallervorden Spatz disease can be fatal. Hallervorden and Spatz first described the disease, in the year 1922, as a form of familial brain degeneration characterized by iron deposition in the brain. The onset of symptoms commonly occurs in late childhood or early adolescence. The common presentation is in the late part of the first decade or the early part of the second decade most commonly.

Scope Of Homoeopathy In HSD

Homoeopathy can be effective in giving supportive therapy to the patient in order to improve the quality of life of the patient. Homoeopathy is effective in controlling the symptoms like muscle weakness, tremors, walking difficulties, speech difficulties etc. Homoeopathic medicines can halt the further progress of the disease especially in patients with late onset HSD, but it may differ from one individual to another. Genetic counseling is recommended for families with a history of the disease.

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