Unlike most animals, human beings are capable of walking upright and standing up on two legs. A sense of balance is very important for this ability to be used. In humans, the inner ear is associated with balance. The canals of the inner ear have a fluid flowing around them. This fluid is used by the body to orient itself.The orientation of the body is what leads to the ability to maintain balance. The body also uses the inertia of these fluids to help itself maintain balance when the body is in conditions where it would normally be difficult to maintain balance.

Giddiness or dizziness is a condition where the individual feels out of balance, even if he or she is standing still or sitting down. This is a condition that may be temporary or may be caused by some health problem. Temporary giddiness is associated with activities that cause the fluid in the ears to be moving even after the activity has stopped. Rotating in circles is a common way of experiencing giddiness. Most people will struggle to maintain balance for a few moments after they stop rotating.

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