Homeopathically prepared substances can be a valuable addition to the routine of proper nourishing and tonifying herbs and foods, as well as healthy and enjoyable exercise, for any woman from age 35 on.

After age 35 or so new bone cells can be more difficult to make without proper attention to this process. Homeopathically prepared minerals in particular help us to engage the energy of the foods, herbs, and exercise we also use to build and strengthen bone. Homeopathics used in this way might be seen as reminders to our body’s intelligent foundation which directs nourishment and growth,

Any homeopathic remedy in a potency which is under 12c still contains some of the material substance as well as the homeopathic intention which helps support and balance the body’s own natural vitality. Thus these lower potency remedies serve to provide a level of physical nourishment as well as vital inspiration. Energy will not be directed away from other vital processes, bone growth will not be stimulated; rather the intention will be set in place for your bones to receive and use their proper share of the nourishment you take in.

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