Homoeopathic strengths (or potencies) are unusual in as much as the MORE DILUTED the “mother tincture”, the STRONGER the remedy is. Thus a 3C which has only been diluted a little is the least strong, and a 30C which has been diluted a lot more is the strongest. The higher the potency, the quicker and deeper its reaction, although different potencies may have different effects. 30C is the highest potency that is normally available for self administration and is very effective for acute conditions.

When treating yourself using homeopathic remedies we suggest seeking guidance on the right remedy for your specific ailments from some of the excellent homeopathy reference books and websites that are generally available. In the UK legislation limits the information manufacturers, suppliers and retailers can provide if you wish to know more about homeopathy.
We have found that often books are a more authoritative and informative source and many public libraries will have a selection of books on homeopathy. To assist in accessing those resources a list of brief descriptions of UK homeopathic practitioners common uses of traditional homeopathic remedies based on Traditional Use Only for a number of the milder conditions is listed below.


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