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Brad Easy Digest

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    • First 10 days, 4 capsules a day with warm milk. After that only two capsules a day. Total 30 days medicine. Second course for maintenance only twice a week – 4 months course.


    • Withania Somnifera (rt.), Strychnos Mucvomica , AnvylusPerethurum, Myristica Offcinalis,(fr.), Purified Sulphjhatum Hydrargyrium, secekurum Puriflecatum , Purified Asphaltam, Myristitica Fragans, Crocussitivious Cracistimata (fl.), Keriofileseromatics(fr.),Hypoxix Orchiodes (rt.), Sphoeranthusindicus,Asercantha Lorgifolia(fr.), Sida Cordifolia (sd.), Aurum

    Total 30 Sachets. (90 Days course)


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